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We utilize heavy-walled timber species American bamboo for all of our
candles. Each section of bamboo is hand selected, hand finished, and
entirely unique, giving you a one-of a-kind re-usable and re-fillable container.
An all cotton braided wick provides for a healthier burning candle.
Unlike metal core wicks which can produce toxic smoke, Our wicks are
specifically designed to work with soy wax and produce less
smoke and less carbon buildup in your home.
Our candles contain the finest 100% domestically grown soybean wax
available. This wax exhibits superior burn characteristics and scent throw.
Unlike paraffin wax (a petroleum byproduct), the low temperature melt
point is safer around children.
This food grade vegetable wax is so pure, an unscented version can be
used as a massage candle.
SMALL - 5" tall, minimum 8 ounces of wax, burn time approximately 52
MEDIUM - 7" tall, minimum 12 ounces of wax, burn time approximately 80
LARGE - 9" tall, minimum 16 ounces of wax, burn time approximately 105
Since each piece of bamboo is unique, the diameter and depth may vary.
Every effort is made to ensure burn time consistency from candle to candle.

Bamboo Candles
We are proud to re-introduce the finest
bamboo candle in the world, Now
made with American grown bamboo!

Each candle is hand crafted right here
in North Texas. We partner with other
Texas based companies for our wax
and fragrance oils.

Whether it's a single gift or a custom
line developed for your retail store,
you'll be buying direct from the

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All fragrances are made with the finest essential
oils and extracts and have been formulated to
work with the 100% soy wax. We provide the
maximum amount of fragrance in each candle to
ensure an exceptional value.

  • Mandarin Vanilla - An exotic blend of sweet
    Asian orange blossom and the finest raw

  • Lavender - A pure English lavender extract
    originating from ancient Greece; relaxes the
    mind and body. A favorite throughout the

  • Bamboo Mint - Refreshing but subtle. This
    combination of eucalyptus and spearmint will
    give you a clean invigorating start.

  • Lemongrass - Pleasantly earthy essence
    with an extra kick of pure lemon.

  • Coconut Lime Verbena - The finest
    tropical fruits combined with subtle floral.
    Smells good enough to eat.

  • Pumpkin Spice - A holiday favorite. Smells
    just like is sounds. Delicious.

  • Christmas Pine - Real essence of Blue
    Spruce. Fresh mountain pine fragrance
    good enough to use year 'round. If you use
    an artificial Christmas tree, this is a "must

  • Citronella - A tropical Asian grass extract
    commonly used to ward off insects.

  • Unscented - For those of us that simply
    enjoy the flame of a candle.
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